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The Best MBA Scholarships For US Citizens and How To Find Them

We had compiled a guide on the Best MBA Scholarships For US Citizens and how you can get them, (this first appeared on In case you are planning to attend a business school, you have seemingly thought of the price of your schooling. An MBA, Master in Business Administration could also be a degree with a high ROI – however, that does not mean than the initial investment is not steep.
Fortunately for business school candidates, MBA programs are way more possible to offer scholarships and financial aid than different masters-level degree programs within the United States. The top MBA candidates can qualify for very generous help, usually even full-tuition scholarships.

How to qualify for scholarships

First we may ask, Who gets a scholarship when it involves MBA programs? The sort of student that schools need to have: high GMAT score, fascinating work expertise, proficient entrepreneurs. The goal is to be able to position yourself as somebody that schools need to entice to attend. It’s less concerning you petitioning the school to allow you to in, and more about the school petitioning you to register.
If you wish to be in the very best position to get a scholarship, begin your preparation for business school long before you are ready to attend. Do some analysis to search out what kind of students your target schools are searching for. what’s their median GMAT score? what proportion of work expertise do they look for? browse the school blogs, hear their podcasts and webinars to find out what they look for in the students they admit.
And don’t skimp when it involves getting ready your application materials. If you wish to get in with your schooling paid for, you will need to hit all the bases when it comes to making a really compelling MBA application.

Where to look for the scholarships

When you are looking for scholarship opportunities, the simplest place to start out is with the schools wherever you are applying. Business schools want to draw in the best, most effective and brightest students, so they are usually willing to work with applicants to make certain that price isn’t a prohibitive factor once it involves selecting a school.
NYU Stern, for instance, says that almost one in 5 full-time MBA students at the school have received a merit-based scholarship. Scholarships offered at Stern include many full-tuition fellowships offered to all or any students, whether or not they’re United States citizens or international applicants, additionally as a full-tuition scholarship for U.S. military veterans and variety of partial-tuition opportunities as well.

Similarly, Kellogg school of Management includes a range of scholarships accessible to MBA students – and admitted students are automatically taken care of for all merit scholarships. The school’s financial aid website lists nearly twenty scholarships for Kellogg students, alongside an Africa scholars program, need-based scholarships, and scholarships designed specifically for second-year students.
Most business schools provide similar levels of support. And in several cases, there’s no separate application needed.

Additionally, to school-sponsored MBA scholarships, there are other sources of funding for specific groups of scholars or students. You’ll be able to realize these by searching for
“MBA scholarships for ________” and filling the blank space with information relevant to you. Examples include:
The Forte Foundation: which offers partial-tuition fellowships to women pursuing an MBA at one of their nearly fifty partner schools. Forte Fellowships are awarded to feminine students of any nationality and are available at faculties around the world; there’s no separate application needed for the fellowship.
The consortium for Graduate Study in Management: they offer a merit-based, full-tuition fellowship to students who are committed to the mission of “increasing the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in American business schools and corporate management.” Eligible students should even be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and attending a consortium member school (including Tuck, Cornell, Yale, and more).
American Indian Graduate Center offers the Corbell Scholarship, AIGC Fellowship, and alternative scholarships
American Association of University women: this offers a specific Professions Fellowship and Career Development Grants to women pursuing advanced degrees
Association of management consulting firms offers the Richard Metzler Scholarship for college students who decide to pursue a career in management consulting

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