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Fastest Ways to Identify Fake (scam) Jobs In Nigeria

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This article will explain and guide you on how to spot or detect fake (scam) jobs, what to lookout for when you see job postings in Nigeria, whether it’s online, through a person, via SMS or posted bills on the walls of public places or media papers,  anywhere you see them at any time.

Fake jobs come in various forms but they all have one thing in common; they all carry an end product of deceit and disappointment.
In 2015, Vanguard newspaper reported that 80% of online jobs in Nigeria are fake jobs.
In this article, we will share some of the fastest ways to identify fake jobs and scam jobs in Nigeria, some are also deceiving innocent citizens about jobs abroad. We will also share samples of messaging templates used to promote fake jobs in Nigeria, so you should look out and pay attention next time you see one anywhere.

Types of Fake Jobs and Scam Jobs

There are usually three kinds of scam jobs as mentioned earlier:

1. Deliberately misleading job openings

These are fake jobs that lure job seekers into overly different agenda. For instance, these are the types that would invite you for an interview that turns out to be a multi-level marketing seminar.

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